Winter Gardening in Queensland


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Queensland summers are long but 2016 was certainly one of the longest, it was still up in the high 20’s until recently. Finally, now the end of June, the cooler weather has arrived, what relief and what a great time of year it is for growing food in our tropical winter climate.

Things to g3_1mi2udet growing are: cabbage, brussel sprouts, spinach, silverbeet, cauliflower, broccoli, kale, rocket,, carrot, parsnip, lettuce, thyme, spring onions, dill, radish and pak choy. We still have some new summer crops such as pumpkin, beans, tomatoes, capsicum, zucchini and corn that are growing well in full sun.

Mulching is still important in winter not only for keeping down weeds but that little warm ecosystem you have created, acts like a blanket to the vege patch and fruit tree roots.


Feeding regularly with fish based drinks and topping up your beds with compost, worm castings and manure, will maintain healthy growth and soil.

Watering is important even in winter because produce still needs water to grow plus in Queensland winter is our dry season. Certainly not as often as in summer but at least once a week for established veges and fruit trees.

Don’t forget to top up your bird baths too.  And what could be better than after a few hours gardening, enjoying a cuppa in the sun and watching our feathered friends take a winter splash.

birds bathing

Interesting and valuable resource for Qld Gardeners


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QUEENSLANDGARDENING.COM is Qld’s gateway to gardening – a collection of news, information, resources and ideas of interest to gardeners, especially residents of Queensland, Australia


Blogs, planting guides, latest info on weeds and everything else related to gardening in Queensland. This website is sub of the fantastic Calyx Gardening site and a wonderful resource to keep at hand.

Follow this link to find out more and don’t forget to save it in your favourites 😀


Penny Hegarty Horticulturalist and President of NCG


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Penny Hegarty’s dream of a community garden in Nambour eventually came to fruition on Wednesday 8th August 2012, which for Penny was a very significant `Day in her Life’.

Penny spent her working life and much of her spare time tending plants, designing gardens and doing almost anything else you could remotely associate with Gardening.

She is a noted local Horticulturalist, is the current President of the Sunshine Coast Garden Club and organizes garden appreciation tours all over the world, but for the past five years, she’s had an extra thing on her mind, her long-standing plan for a Community Garden in Nambour.

On Wednesday 8th August, Penny having negotiated the use of a suitable plot of land at the Nambour Showgrounds, and organised a myriad of other essential items, the diggers finally rolled in.

It was absolutely great to be able to do this story on the birth of Nambour Community Gardens for ABC Open.

I was at a public meeting in early 2008 at which Penny described her idea, and what was created on August 8th was the manifestation of Penny’s fourth or fifth attempt to bring it to life, all of which had wide-spread support to start with, but all apart from the last fell over due to one hurdle or another.

Thanks to her persistence and hard work, Penny’s idea finally became reality on August 8th, but the job has really only just begun.

As the Community Garden becomes established, acquires more raised beds and hopefully some more land in due course, further stories will unfold; I hope that future Open projects will be able to accommodate them. Click here to view this amazing video.

Sunshine Coast Living Smart Workshops


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living smart logo

At Living Smart every person in every household has the ability to make simple, effective and lasting changes towards sustainable living.




To guide you through these changes, Living Smart provides comprehensive, relevant information and resources in a user friendly format.

The Living Smart Program: Homes, Solutions and Awards is a partnership of the Sunshine Coast Council and Moreton Bay Regional Council. Click here to go to the Living Smart Workshops overview for the rest of 2013.

Recycled garden ideas..


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 Here you will find some great visual inspiration, click on image to enlarge… enjoy!











gumboot gardeningrecycled tin cans

 tyre garden     garden 1